A compilation of frequently asked questions.

Why do some of the other SEO platforms tell me I have more inbound links than the blekko reports indicate?

It’s important to note that the inbound links that you do see are only going to be from quality sites with high host ranks and therefore give you a better idea of what inbound links are driving your rank. Because we have a smaller index and don’t count links from spam domains, our inbound link count will always be smaller than other inbound link count providers.

What keywords should I optimize my pages for? Which keywords get the most queries?

While we don’t explicitly tell you what keywords are best for driving traffic to your site, there are several services that you can use to determine query frequency. Once you have figured out which keywords you want to be optimized for, you can use blekko seo to optimize your pages around those particular keywords. A great way to see what you’re currently ranking for is in the report card.

Why are some category circles bigger than others?

The size of the circles corresponds to the number of inbound links from that particular category.

How do you categorize inbound links and sites?

Between our editorial content team here at the office and our tens of thousands of users that help us categorize sites on blekko.com, we have curated millions of pages into individual categories.

Can I track my Report Card progress over time to see where I am improving and regressing?

This feature is coming soon. Stay tuned!

How can I use the Report Card to improve the rank of my site?

The Report Card can be used to optimize individual pages to be read by a crawler (ours or others) and to help in optimization efforts for particular keywords. It also attempts to call out various facets that our crawler uses to feed our algorithm when determining relevance. The Report Card gives detailed instructions as to what the issues are and what can be done to alleviate any given issue.

What's a good host rank?

There is not an upper bound to our host rank, and in fact if we record a host rank for your site at all you’re in good company.

What is a host rank and what does it mean?

Host rank is a measure of your sites relative importance in comparison to other websites in our index.

Do you crawl all the pages that are in your index?

We intentionally have a limited crawl and are on the lookout for only those pages that we deem to have the best content or have the highest host rank authority. This enables us to remove spam from our search results but also give our SEO experts information around those pages that most contribute to their ranking.

What is the maximum number of pages included in the Site Pages report?

Our web subscription gives access to the top 25,000 ranked pages. If you’d like more data please contact us to receive information about our API.

How can I use the competitive analysis report to my advantage?

Unique to blekko, you can run and synthesize as much data as you want around as many competitors as you like. This will help you see where your competitors are doing well and where you might have an edge. You can take a look at their incoming links report and get ideas about how to improve your ranking.

We already use SEOMoz, Majestic, Raven Tools, Conductor and others - how is this set of tools different?

Blekko data comes directly from the blekko search index, whereas the other tools available do not have search technology, ranking algorithms or relevance criteria driving decisions around individual searches or as it pertains to a particular data set.

You will see some similar data sets (e.g. Inbound links). However you also now have access to some information unique to blekko like the Report Card, Sections, and categorized inbound links.

As if that weren’t enough, you can run this for any site on the web! This enables you to see exactly where your competition is getting its traffic and who you might want to target with marketing campaigns.

Do you have an API for this product?

Yes, blekko does have an API for the SEO Tools. Please contact us at apiauth@blekko.com if you are interested in gaining access.

Since blekko, Bing and Google all have different algorithms, will blekko seo data help me in my non-blekko SEO efforts?

Each of the search engines are different, however they all consider the same fundamental factors. Improvements in each of these areas will help your ranking on all of the search engines.