Terminology you will find on blekko SEO Tools.

anchor text

The text contained within a web hyperlink (the A tag). For images within a hyperlink, the ALT attribute is typically considered the anchor text for that link.

exclude (inbound link)

A link from Site A to Site B where the link is found in an "excluded" content section of Site A. See also: exclude (Sections)

exclude (Sections)

A discrete block within an HTML page that is marked as exclude is considered to be unrelated to the content of the page. Frequently non-content structural HTML will be marked as exclude. For the purposes of anchor text calculations, links contained within an exclude block are neutral. Example: headers and footers, navigation, breadcrumbs, and sidebars.  

good (inbound link)

A inbound link coming from a website that the blekko editorial team has identified as a high quality website. Therefore, it is a good link from a good content source.

inbound link (or backlink)

Consider a page on whitehouse.gov that links to irs.gov. Taking the perspective of irs.gov the link is called an inbound link. From the perspective of whitehouse.gov the link is called an outbound external link.


A website that has a content format that blekko has historically found to contain a large volume of low quality links. Having many inbound links from many zapsites will not improve your blekko search rank. Examples: forum sites, wikis and known content farms.